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"Students need to be educated on how to be good citizens of their country and what their rights and responsibilities are as members of society. The same issues need to be addressed with regard to the emerging digital society, so that students can learn how to be responsible and productive members of that society."

- Mike Ribble, Digital Citizenship in Schools

Neptune Navigate is a turnkey solution for schools seeking to teach students and staff how to be responsible digital citizens. It features custom material targeted by differing grade levels, delivered in a way that minimizes - and in many cases eliminates - the need for additional faculty or staff work, and classroom time. Neptune Navigate provides school districts with:

  • Self-paced online modules for staff, high school students, and junior high school students.
  • Classroom-ready modules for grades 1-6.
  • An extensive resource library of supplementary content for those districts wishing to go deeper into the topic areas.
  • “Continue the Conversation” materials for engaging parents.
  • Social media posts to reinforce key messages.
  • Digital dashboards for district and faculty tracking of results.


Comprehensive learning modules

Each Neptune Navigate learning module is designed to be classroom or assignment ready and take no more than 20 minutes to complete. The learning modules are customized by:

  • Grades 1-3
  • Grades 4-6
  • Junior High School
  • High School
  • Teachers & Staff

Every learning module has a video, reading material, and a quiz.


A 5-8 minute video on the current month’s topic that is highly engaging as well as informative.


For staff, high school students, and junior high school students, there are typically three pieces of reading material containing contemporary, real-world examples related to the current month’s topic.

For grades 1-6, there is a short slide presentation with key information about the current month’s topic.


At the conclusion of each module, there is a quiz comprised of 5 randomly selected questions from a pool of 20 questions related to the current month’s topic.

Learning Module Calendar

Acceptable Use Policy/Responsible Use Policy: The first learning module of the school year is an introduction to digital citizenship and Acceptable/Responsible Use Policies. We will customize the learning module with your school district’s AUP/RUP as the required reading for that module.

Supporting Materials

In addition to the comprehensive learning modules, your annual subscription to Neptune Navigate unlocks access to the following additional materials:

Easy Implementation

Neptune Navigate is designed to minimize work on the part of your school district, not add to already stretched-thin resources. Everything you need is accessible via secure link to our learning management system that has been designed to work with the leading student information systems.

Module access is easy for staff and students with a user-friendly and intuitive interface.

Tracking of results is available at a District Level…

And for select faculty members

Navigate Inspire

Our Chief Navigator, Christina Jontra, has been a featured speaker at events all across the country. She taylors her presentations to the audience and has received rave reviews from children, parents, and teachers alike.

For an additional fee (not part of the base subscription price) and subject to availability, Christina can come present at your school district to the audience or audiences of your choosing.

Ready to Get Started?

The annual subscription price for Neptune Navigate starts at $1250, depending on the size of your school district. Contact us to schedule a short presentation to learn more about how Neptune Navigate is right for our school and to receive a customized quote.